Where are the French sinners?

The Devil fled from the USA to France…

A team from the Kansas State University has recently released a series of funny maps regarding the distribution of “sins” across the United States (see here for a review in Wired). The basic concept is to select some indicators that are available at the territorial level to represent each cardinal sin.

I thought it could be interesting to perform a similar analysis for France, since we do have the data at a granular level as well (EPCI – which is basically a local union of cities). Of course, it should not be taken very seriously.

Overview of the Sins


Income of the top 10% per consumption unit divided by the income of the bottom 10% by consumption unit

Data on the income per consumption unit at the top and bottom deciles are extracted from the Observatoire des Territoires.


Total number of thefts per capita (house breakings, car thefts, car accessories thefts, thefts in cars, non violent thefts, armed thefts, non-armed violent thefts)

Data on reported crime is extracted form the database of the Gendarmerie and Police services at the city level. The numbers are the yearly average for 2016-2019. An important point is that it is reported rather than actual crime, so differences in reporting rates could bias the results. Interestingly, we will soon have access to territorial data on crime from the new GENESE study.


Total number of violent crimes per capita (voluntary battery, family battery, other battery, sexual violence)

See Envy for source and comments.


Median income per consumption unit divided by the number of massage shops

Data on the number of massage shops is extracted from Openstreetmap using their API. The median income comes from the Observatoire des Territoires. The number of shops is probably not very reliable though.


Number of restaurants per capita

The number of restaurants comes from the INSEE database of establishments at the local level. This is mainly a map of touristic areas though.


Number of sex shops per capita

The number of sex shops is derived from the Openstreetmap database, using their APIs. A lot of shops are probably missing.


Average value of all the other sins

Conclusion: Paris is the French Sin City

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